My first Plugin is here.

You can find the plugin in the official WordPress repository under Plugins Manager in Dashboard or here

The name is Zen Sticky Social.

What does it do ?

Simply sticks a blue square on the bottom of the page which on hover reveals 2 more squares for the major social networking Facebook and Twitter.

In the admin panel you can find the settings tab for the Zen Sticky Social Plugin in which you can set the Facebook username and the twitter username.

I am here to help if you have any issues using the plugin or if the plugin does not work as excepted.


4 responses to “My first Plugin is here.”

  1. John Diacono says :

    Zen sticky is a good idea however I would like to have a choice of social sites and it would be good if there were actual favicons attached to the program. Also the squares at the footer work properly (it would be better if they were favicons instead.) however the favicons in the header don’t.

  2. John Diacono says :

    Thank you for the alteration to the code the footer squares now show the proper favicons however I’m still getting the other favicons in the header that don’t work.

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